Peer Reviewed Publications:



Dolan et al.

Fagernas et al. *Paper of the year in FEMS Microbes*

Malukiewicz et al.


Ozga and Ottoni

Jacobson et al.

Perri et al.


Ozga et al.

Honap et al.


Ozga et al.

Aronsen et al.

Ottoni et al.


Aronsen et al.

Ziesemer et al.

Nieves-Colon et al.


Ozga et al.

Jeong et al. PNAS

Ozga et al. (b)


Ozga et al.

Obregon-Tito et al.

O’Neal L et al.

Ziesemer et al.

Sankaranarayanan et al.

Book Chapters:


Stone A, Ozga AT. Chapter 8: Ancient DNA in the study of ancient disease. Ed. Buikstra, Jane. Identification of Pathological Conditions in Human Skeletal Remains, 3rd Ed. Link

Warinner C, Ozga AT, Radini A, Sankaranarayanan K, Lewis Jr. CM. Chapter 6: Genetic and Microscopic Analysis of Human Dental Calculus from Swift Water Place, Alaska. Ed: Anderson, D. Northwest Alaska at the Threshold of European Contact: Life at Swift Water Place. Link

Conference Presentations and Posters:

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